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Helping Students Achieve Their Best​

We help students obtain better grades by providing customized learning environments. With the help of our experienced, professional tutors in Test Prep and all academic subjects, our students  achieve higher grades and increased college entrance portfolios.

  Why MG Advantage?   

Guaranteed High Scores

We focus on improving your score rate, by helping achieve good grades.

Experienced Tutors

Our teachers have years of experience tutoring online and in class, most of them get high scores  while others get straight A's in all their exams. Some of our tutors are university and college graduates.  

Personalized Tutoring

Take time to understand our students needs and their desire to get good grades in each exam. 

  Our Offers   

One on One Live Meeting

We take every minute of your time serious, that's why MG Advantage assigns you same tutor for each subject 

Engaging Brainstorming Solution

We ensure each session is practical and interactive, whether its math, chemistry or test preps

Applicable Curriculum

All our studies and test preps are curriculum based followed by the different questions for test preparation


Math wiz Makes Tutoring Sessions Fun

I was hesitant about getting a private tutor when I first started preparing for the GRE but was immediately pleased with my decision after my first session with Michael. I needed someone who was very strong in math but also genuinely enjoys the subject. Michael has been able to help me learn multiple methods for solving even the most difficult math problems, walking me through them until I feel I know them like the back of my hand. He's also been helpful in developing my long term study plan and short term homework assignments, something that was key in my tutor selection. Couldn't recommend him more.

Alyss, 8 lessons with Michael

                Very Patient

Michael was very patient when trying to get together. Initially there were a lot of technical issue our first day which caused us to have to reschedule. The following day we went over my practice test and through Michael’s guidance I began to realize the silly errors I had made. He stresses the importance of honing in on the details of solving problems. These are the score killers. Looking forward to the homework and eclipsing that 160 mark in quant.

G, 2 lessons with Michael

Wonderful Statistics Tutor

Michael helped me wrap my head around some fundamental concepts relating to descriptive statistics, specifically the standard deviation of one draw of a deck of cards. He walked me through the steps and helped me visualize what was going on at each step. His tutoring style is friendly and patient. I would recommend Michael every time.

Charles, 1 lesson with Michael

Best Tutor EVER!!!

My daughter has been working with Michael and she is becoming more comfortable with the material. Lots of “Aha!” moments and she feels more confident after each session! Thank you Michael!

Annette, 6 lessons with Michael

Terrific Tutor

He was great: friendly, patient, and excellent at explaining concepts in Statistics. My son found the one-hour session very helpful, and said that he explained the material more clearly than my son's teacher at his private school had explained it. He worked with my son to prepare for two upcoming tests, and now my son feels much more comfortable with the material. In addition, my tutor came to our home on the day after I contacted him. That was important because my son felt an urgency here. He responds immediately to e-mails and couldn't be nicer in all his communications. I can't offer enough compliments,

Emily, 1 lesson

            Extremely Helpful

I'm extremely impressed, Michael has a very fluid understanding of statistics. I've had several statistics tutors, from graduate students to seasoned professors, and at times it's difficult to explain my professor's strange methods, but Michael just seems to grasp things with ease. I've had tutors spend 15 minutes trying to explain me something, that he summarized in a few seconds. Listening and digesting, his explanations feels very natural, and the information is not too overwhelming.

Alessandra, 1 lesson with Michael

      Flexible and Knowledgeable

He helped me prep for a Statistics Test that I was completely lost on in a week and a half. His patience and willingness to explain what were probably menial concepts were immensely helpful. Would absolutely recommend.

Robert, 6 lessons with Michael

       Outstanding Tutor

Michael is an amazing tutor who works with you thoroughly to make sure the lesson is understood. His response time is fast and is open to answering any questions or concerns. I 100% recommend him for your next tutoring session

Gary, 9 lessons with Michael

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